In order to log into the Exempla portal, you must have obtained a username and password (for Exempla employees, this would be your network username and password).

If you are unsure whether or not you have a username and password, contact our Support Center at 303-866-8282.

At the login screen, type in your username in the Username field, hit the tab key, and then enter your password in the Password field. Then hit the Log In button.

The first time you log into the portal, you will receive a Terms and Conditions of the website. This will reappear every 180 days. Click accept to enter the portal.

Things to know about the Exempla Portal

The time-out pop up window will occur after 17 minutes of inactivity on the portal. Clicking OK within 2 minutes of the pop-up will reset the timer. Clicking Cancel or trying to click OK after the 2 minute warning will result in the portal immediately logging out.